the burden of eclecticism

Kalou and the mystic lake.

spent 12h today and yesterday editing a video. it would have helped if i had any knowledge on the topic or any experience beyond a silly 3-minute film made back in high school (4 years ago, damn).

in other news, since i’m done with exams for now, i’m going to be on tumblr more or less regularly again, yay! - just not too often, i’m moving at the minute (2nd yay!)

lesfeuillesdorees replied to your post “i only have 3 exams this upcoming week, it’s almost like holidays wow”

ucz się, nie pierdol.

rob projo a nie na tumblrze siedzisz czubcu

i only have 3 exams this upcoming week, it’s almost like holidays wow

the classes are ending in 2 weeks, i have a final test in swedish tomorrow, and maybe i’ll finally remember to wear Lifelover tee to school, it’s the only swedish band t-shirt i own and i haven’t worn it to this class yet

okay but kongres nowej prawicy just got 7.2% in the european parliament elections in poland and i hope everyone talks about it because the leader of that party, janusz korwin mikke, honestly believes hitler had nothing to do with holocaust, rape is not legitimate, women are inferior and should not be allowed to vote, he also wants little girls to be sexually abused so they’ll feel shame, hates people of color and the disabled (& makes fun of them constantly), and equates domesticated animals (like cats) with slaves and strongly opposes laws prohibiting animal cruelty, and all these are just off the top of my head.

is tumblr talking about it? it should.

k now back to studying

jfc i hate school everything’s piled up and i won’t have enough time to study and write reports even if i stop going to sleep altogether for the next 2 weeks

someone please send help or puppies to ease my pain

anyone wants to take a fluid mechanics exam? i can give up the one i have on monday if anyone wants it, i’m not prepared because i have been to a total of 0 lectures, and i have other exams i should be studying for right now

sorry for whining about school all the time, i promise i’ll reblog cool photos and music regularly again when the semester ends


Powiśle railway station (PKP Warszawa Powiśle) 1955 Architects Arseniusz Romanowicz and Piotr Szymaniak

Для Kenji (USA)